Black & White Farm

When you’re out shooting photos do you often look through your viewfinder and think, “I’m going to process this in black and white.”

Or does black and white inspiration strike while you’re actually doing your processing?  It’s pretty simple to experiment with in computer – just slide the saturation slider to the left and see if you like what happens.  Or in this case does it happen when you’re writing your blog – I wonder what would happen if?  So as promised in my Monarch Hunting post from last week here are some of those shots processed for black and white (or sepia but you get the idea).  All were processed rather quickly in Lightroom using the saturation sliders or b&w Lightroom presets.

I thought the old timey look of the Antique preset would suit the feeling of the farm.  Not sure what I think of it.

This one was processed using the sepia preset.  I like how the monarch still stands out even without its bright orange markings.

For this one I turned down all but the orange saturation – you can see there was a bit of orange in the flowers that you might never have noticed otherwise.  And the second monarch in the upper right becomes much more apparent.  This would probably be better done using layers to really bring out the butterflies – but this processing took me less than one minute – so was worth the experiment to see if I’d like the effect.
So play around with your settings sometime.  It only takes seconds and you may find that black and white gem you didn’t even know you had.


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