Monarch Hunting

Sometimes you just gotta say “who knew?”  Who knew that when I agreed to go hang with hubby and his buddy that we would be hanging in a gorgeous field of blooming alfalfa?

And who knew that while the boys played – I’d be chasing hundreds of monarchs all over this lovely field?

And who knew using the circular polarizer – even though the sun was directly overhead – would result in such wonderfully saturated colors?

And finally, who knew that I would like this stopped down aperture picture of a neighboring barn better than a wide open pic (where the barn is quite blurry) I’d taken earlier?

Thanks hon for dragging me along – I know I did get bored (we were out here for hours) but I got some fabulous shots out of it!!  I’m planning on revisiting some of these shots with black and white in mind – should be interesting!!


One thought on “Monarch Hunting

  1. Ah, the joy of not having any preconceived aspirations. I can just picture you bouncing all over that field and enjoying the images popping up on your LCD screen. I bet if you think about what a polarize does and the angle of the Sun, why it worked will come to you.

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