“Extreme”ly Late!

So Karma’s challenge for last month was to look for extremes.  Since I am really, really late with my submission if you would like to see everyone else’s you can click here.

I confess – I struggled with this.  There just didn’t seem to be anything extreme about my photography last month – other than possibly my extreme lack of time (and I’ll confess – motivation) for it.

But then I looked out my window and low and behold I had a rose blooming – and not just any rose – a big and beautiful rose!

Everything else in my garden is dead dead dead.  Lack of water, lack of love, just a general lack of anything my garden needs to grow…

I don’t think I took one coneflower picture this year – and now they are long gone.

But wait – I did have some Helen’s flowers bloom this year – and bloom well.  And there’s still some left (with some purple hosta flowers in the background).

And finally the backyard doesn’t get the sun the front yard does so the flowers back there haven’t burned up the way the front yard plants have.  I forget what this plant is called – but the hummingbirds love it!

We are now on the far side of Labor Day – summer is officially over and I am mourning all the things I didn’t get to this summer as life and kitchens got in the way.  But in looking back we also look forward (more extremes??) and I have a couple of trips (one work, one fun) ahead of me that will hopefully restore my soul – and get me back behind the lens!!


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