Sodus Point R&R

WooHoo!!!!!  Last weekend hubby and I got away for some much needed R&R.  Friends invited us up to their cottage on Lake Ontario in Sodus Point, NY.  This is the view from their porch.

We spent a very relaxing day of friends and wine and great food.  And our friends encouraged us to stick around for the sunset.  Probably not the greatest sunset of all time – but it was just what the doctor ordered.

We were just in time to view the sunset.  In a month the sun will disappear behind the point instead of into the water like it does here.

I really love their fence and the way the grass was growing up all around it.  Kind of reminded me of the Outer Banks.  I processed this using a 3-shot HDR.

Our hosts were very disappointed when some clouds rolled in and messed up the sunset.  I was hopeful I’d get some nice light shining off the clouds but even that didn’t work out too well.  Still beautiful though!!

Another HDR.  Some children had planted grass near the water earlier in the day – I was fairly surprised it didn’t wash away but it was still hanging in hours later.

It was a great one-day getaway that was hard-earned.  Later this week – the final kitchen renovation pictures!!!


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