Light at Longwood Gardens

Phew!!!  I have so much to say about the Light exhibit currently on display at Longwood Gardens.  First of all – the pictures will not do it justice – if you like what you see you’ll just have to go.  Because it is truly spectacular!!

First off I gotta give props to Mom who decided a couple of weeks before our trip one night really wasn’t enough.  Good call Mom!!!  Her reasons behind this decision had nothing to do with photography but what I discovered is that Blue Hour is awful darned short sometimes!  If I hadn’t been able to go back for a second attempt at capturing the blue hour I would’ve been quite disappointed.

Our first night was quite crowded but I managed to get early blue hour shots at Arrow Spring.  This is a serpentine trail of sage with fiber optic bursts intermittently.  A part of me wonders what this was like before the sage grew up so high and blocked a lot of the light fixtures???On this first night we waited (and waited and waited) at the Field of Light near the Small Lake for the blue hour to begin.  My hope was to catch the reflections of the lighted globes in the lake.  I had only moderate success with this as the pond has pumps that circulate the water making good reflections a bit difficult.  This shot is probably showing about 1/3 of the lights along the lake – according to Longwood’s website there are 7,000 of them!!  As I said the pictures don’t do justice.

The last good blue hour shots I got on this first night were at the Water Towers – there are 69 of these lit water towers built out of one liter recycled water bottles.  Unfortunately it was well before blue hour when I wandered through here during my second visit so I didn’t get any crowd free shots of this exhibit.

At the end of our first night we went to the Forest of Light – or as mom referred to it Fairy Walk.  Forest of Light has over 20,000 lighted spheres circling a forest path – it is completely amazing.  But since it was pitch black by this time this was the first area we returned to on our second visit.  These shots turned out so much better than my very black shots from the previous night.  Since it was in the forest I didn’t get so much blue as I did in the more open areas and again I was unable to capture the scope of the Fairy Walk’s beauty.

It was misting a bit during our second night at Light so I was able to get pictures without people!!  The Candlelight exhibit in the Canopy Treehouse was so beautiful when viewed from the lawn below without “ghosts” moving around in front of it!!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Light at Longwood Gardens.  I wish I had time to go back before it’s gone!!


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