Where Have I Been – Part 3

Progress has been made – though it has been slow.  After the whirlwind three weeks where we prepared for the cabinets it felt like things came to a grinding halt.   Although that did allow us some much needed downtime we are now ready to be done.

Countertops were installed last Thursday (while I was at Longwood so I had a nice surprise when I got home)!!!  The faucets, drains, and other assorted plumbing were finished this past Tuesday.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to have water in the kitchen.  No more running to the laundry room to fill the coffee pot!

Our exhaust fan/microwave was installed yesterday.  We had this redone as we previously just had a recirculating exhaust – now it exhausts out through the roof which will be much more effective!  That ugly white spot in the lower right is the old microwave which has since been moved to the garage!

All but two boxes are unpacked and those boxes contain breakables that we’re not getting out until all the hammering is done.  Thus the empty plate racks you see in this shot – we still need to complete the trim around our new door – we got the floor tiles in Wednesday – tonight we grout!!One final shot looking from the doorway in the dining area into the brand new kitchen.It’s been a long haul with only the backsplash and some trim work left to complete.  Everyone kept saying it’d be worth it in the end – everyone was right!!


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