Scott’s assignment this month is motion.  I’m sure anyone who follows this blog thought for sure they were in for a bunch of blurred motion waterfalls as that is what I love after all.  But I am hopefully going to surprise you.

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend Longwood Garden.  Below is a 1 second exposure of a moving fountain of water as the stream traveled from one end of the chain to the other

.  More than just a garden, Longwood is also featuring a display they call Light.  It’s an incredible display of assorted lights all over the Longwood grounds.  This will be the subject of future posts so I won’t go into too much detail here.  The first night we visited there were a lot of other attendees – notice the “ghosts” on the right?  And if you look closely you can also see the gayfeather in the meadow blowing in the breeze.

There was also a bit of a breeze that would kick up periodically.  Usually when I was in the middle of a nice, long shot!!

And just so that no one is disappointed I do have a water motion picture – but it is of the fountain show from Longwood that they run nightly during the summer.

So there is my motion assignment – thanks Scott!!!


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