Watkins Glen Photowalk

By now many of you have seen Scott’s and Barb’s assessment of last month’s photowalk of Watkins Glen State Park, as hosted by photographer Andy Wheeler.  I actually got separated from the group fairly early on so my experience was a bit different.

This was probably the largest photowalk I’ve ever participated in with I’m guessing 40-50 participants.  And part of the charm of this particular gorge is that at times it can be quite narrow.  Throw in 40-50 photographers trying to get a shot as well as at least 25 tripods and see what happens!!!  Early on I walked several feet ahead of the group I was with to get a particular angle then as I stood waiting for my buddies to catch up I realized I was standing smack dab in the middle of their shots!  Oops!!!  But I did manage to get this shot of Scott at work.

So I walked on ahead to get out of their shots.  And I just kept going.  I ended up being rather pleased with myself because I was able to get shots and take my time and not worry about whose way I was getting in or if I was hogging the best spot or whatever.

I ended up walking all the way to the top – all 800+ steps – mostly because I needed a restroom and they were at the top but I still did it!!

Along the way I kept hearing people murmuring about a photo group that must be here – that’d be us.  Turns out there was also a smaller group from Rochester there as well – the photographers really took over the park that morning.

On my way back down I turned the corner at Rainbow and there was a row of 40 photographers all lined up, all trying to get that one shot that will make the day.  This is the best shot I could get of the controlled pandemonium.

All in all I missed out on some good chatting with Scott and Barb and others in the group.  And I missed out on any educational opportunities that might have arisen from watching the masters at work.  But I’m not a great crowd person and I think the day I had was still enjoyable and I still got some shots I’m very happy with out of the day.

And I was able to get up some HDR shots as well – those will be featured in the next post  🙂

3 thoughts on “Watkins Glen Photowalk

  1. I kept asking Barb were you’d gone. There was no way I was walking up those stairs so my hats off to you! The rainbow was a nice catch. Did not see it.

    My Disney pal, Marc Lorenzo, was next to me. I will have to post the photo I took of you. BTW, I did not mind everyone. Photowalks are more social than anything else. I am happy with what I got. I really need to come back here in the Fall when the Sun is not so directly overhead and the foliage is more colorful.

    • It was right about the time you took the picture of me I realized that by standing on the stairs I was in EVERYONE’s shots!!! So I wandered up to get out of the way and I kept wandering forward to get out of the way and the next thing I knew I was up ahead of everyone!!

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