E M Mills Rose Garden

A few weeks ago the Syracuse Photographers Meetup arranged to get together at the E M Mills Rose Garden.  As luck would have it I was going to be heading in that direction that day for a dentist appointment so I figured lets get all the way to Syracuse and shoot us some roses!!!

I’d visited this park once before with my mom and sister but this was before I’d become an amateur photographer buff.  So this time was entirely a new experience for me.

One thing I discovered as the sun was beginning to set behind the buildings – it was best to shoot wide angles with the sun at my back for two reasons: 1) shooting towards the east cut out the apartment buildings that are across the street from the garden and 2) shooting with the sun to my back eliminated flare.  But look out that your own shadow doesn’t end up in the shots!!

Rose Garden HDR

However, when shooting macro I liked shooting into the sun as the backlighting on the roses made them seem to glow!

Sunset Rose

One thing I’d never had happen before – it was HOT and HUMID.  Since it was early evening I had my circular polarizer on and I literally had drops of water building up between the polarizer and the lens.  Several times I had to unscrew it and air it out and let it defog.  As the sun sank lower I gave up on it all together – just wasn’t worth the hassle at that point.  But when the sun was higher it was making quite a difference bring out the colors.

I’m getting caught up on my so far behind posts – so stay tuned there will be more to follow!!


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