Where Have I Been – Part 2

Phew!!!  With this post I think I’m caught up – at least as caught up as I ever am!!

Because our old french doors opened in and with the backer, heated floor wiring, and the tile we were now about a 1/4 inch from being able to open the door in.  So we now have a nice, new sliding patio door that lets in so much more light.  And a new paint color too – Trusty Tan.

This is what it looked like the night before cabinet delivery. Floor completed (grouted and sealed) – check. Ceiling painted – check. Walls painted – two coats – check.


Then the boxes were delivered – 30 of them!!!


And then the best news I’ve heard in a long time – the installer had a cancellation so rather than come next week – he came Tuesday!!!

And as you can see – he got a lot done!!!  Still need some pulls on the drawers and some trim work completed but otherwise the cabinets are in!!

Going to order our counter tops tonight and possibly pick out our new dishwasher and get that installed.  Need to pick out floor molding in the dining room and get started working on that but it looks like the biggest push is over.  Maybe I’ll get out and take some pictures this weekend!!!



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