Where Have I Been Part 1

This will not be your typical photography post – at least not for me.  In fact, all the pictures I’m about to share with you were taken set to Auto Mode (*gasp!!!!).


On May 4, hubby and I ordered some new cabinets for our kitchen.  This is something we’ve been contemplating for a really long time – years in fact!!  It was taking so long because we figured if we’re going to replace cabinets we have to replace counter tops.  If we’re going to replace the cabinets, we might as well replace the floor.  And so on and so forth until we ended up with a plan to completely gut the kitchen!!

upper cabinets removed, laminate flooring removed, penninsula removed

When we had ordered our cabinets on May 4 we were told 4-5 weeks for delivery so we were expecting cabinet delivery circa mid-June.  Then we got the call – cabinet delivery would be June 2.  Holy Moly!!!  We have three weeks to finish demo, put down the new flooring, replace the door out to the patio (the new flooring was going to be too high and the door opened in), and paint!!!!

Everything out, Durorock laid down.

I’m proud and a little amazed to say we did it.  Cabinets were delivered Saturday to a floored and painted kitchen.

800 feet of heating wire for the floors was laid (TWICE!!)

It was an extraordinarily busy three weeks and I have so many people to thank for all of their help – we’re planning a party for the fall when we actually have cabinets and counter tops instead of boxes.

Flooring tile going in

These pictures go through about May 23 or so.  I have more pictures of the completed floor, the new door, and the new paint color still in the camera that I will share later this week!!!


I’ve missed all of you and I look forward to getting back out into the area with my camera.  It’s had a nice long rest but I miss it!!!



One thought on “Where Have I Been Part 1

  1. Debbie busted her butt on this,,, all while being a true friend to woman going through some very difficult times. We are truly fortunate to have the great friends that helped us so much with this project!!!!

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