My Favorite Things – Spring Style

When Karma created this month’s photo hunt of our favorite things – I thought some of my favorite things aren’t available to get their picture taken in April – like Purple Coneflowers for example.  So I might have to do another favorite things post in say July or August then perhaps another around Christmas or so – just to get all my bases covered!!

Here’s what I got for April:

They say April showers (or in our case April snowstorms) bring May flowers but we had more than our fair share available this April.  And you know I love flowers!!

Freshly watered

Freshly watered at the Cornell Botanical Gardens

I love flags for their patriotic symbolism – and because they just look cool billowing in the wind.

You know I love waterfalls and this is a special twofer because I also love HDR!

Deckertown Falls, Montour Falls, NY


You know I love the zoo, and while swans aren’t my favorite animal they are in my top 5.  Unfortunately the snow leopard and the red panda were both sleeping when I visited recently.

Trumpeter Swan at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo

And finally I love cardinals.  But I still have not achieved the perfect shot of one.

So I hope you enjoyed the spring edition of my favorite things – I’m excited for the summer edition!!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things – Spring Style

  1. Beautiful favorites collection! That tulip is absolutely striking! Even though you didn’t specifically say it was one of my favorites for this month’s bonus shot, I’m giving you the bonus points anyway! 🙂

    • And to think I was going to forgo my bonus points because I was looking for a shot of daffodils to be one of your favorite things!! Unfortunately they were pretty much gone by April this year!!

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