Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I have to admit – I didn’t have to think real hard about this week’s challenge.  I mean, there is often more than one subject in my photos, right?

Upon reviewing shots from my trip to NYC, this happens less than I would’ve thought.  But I did come up with two shots that I think maintain this week’s theme.

I loved the tulips in Battery Park but it took me several tries to get the positioning right to get the tulips and the Statue of Liberty in the shot without having the trees predominant as well.  As it is I had to Photoshop out part of a light post that was appearing from behind the tree on the left.  Now I’m looking at it I think I’ll go back and remove the light on the right as well.


As we were leaving Ellis Island on the ferry I noticed the flag lining up with the Freedom Tower.  I could think of nothing more appropriate.



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