Hand Held HDR

The computer is an amazing thing.  Truly.  And Photomatrix Pro 4.0 is also an amazing thing!

Ellis Island

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to visit New York City – about a four hour bus ride. Because we were also planning on visiting the 9/11 Memorial (subject of a future post later this week) I could not bring my tripod so I was not terribly optimistic about my HDR attempts. I tried to stand as still as possible but once I opened the shots in the computer I could see how much movement between shots there really was. So I cranked my align sources all the way up and viola! The software was actually able to align 3-5 hand held shots!!!

Statue of Liberty HDR

Statue of Liberty under a nearly cloudless sky.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a photographer or just someone who is good with a computer.  I know everyone draws this line differently but lately since I’ve had Lightroom and more editing options available to me I’ve felt less like someone who takes pretty pictures and more like someone who’s able to make pretty pictures with the help of a computer.  I know there are those who despise HDR, who feel it isn’t “real” photography.  Personally I really like the effect but I sometimes I feel I’m relying to much on post and not enough on the camera and my own capabilities.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower progress - as seen from Battery Park

So if you’re ever in a situation where HDR seems like the best alternative but there’s not a tripod or even a table or bench in sight – take the shots – you might be very pleasantly surprised!!


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