Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

I must admit I was pretty stumped by this week’s photo challenge.  How do I photograph a journey?  I thought about trying to shoot the path of a leaf as it flows down stream but this is the wrong time of year for leaves to be just randomly floating around.  I spent 10 minutes (which is quite an accomplishment for my short attention span) on the ground on a windy day with a fuzzy dandelion hoping to get a few of the seeds breaking free and floating away but alas – those seeds were hanging on for dear life!!

So I ended up at Cass Park shooting the crew teams from Cornell and Ithaca College practicing.  I’d been to a big rowing tournament that was hosted around Cass Park last year but I’ve never spent a lot of time watching the practices.  Judging by all the commands being yelled by their coach there is a lot of technique involved!  It was a lot easier shooting the practice than the tournament – they move a lot slower!!  I’m not sure this really counts as a journey since technically they don’t go anywhere – just back and forth, up and down the channel.  But maybe this practice is about the journey a team takes from a group of individuals to a well-oiled, prize winning group.  Yeah – that’ll work!!

Judging by the uniform colors this is a Cornell men's team.


This must be what determination looks like

Cornell University skyline with an unknown row team practicing in the channel at the south end of Cayuga Lake.


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