Go big or go home, right???

I’ve known for a while now that it’s been getting about that time – time to update some things.  I’ve been using Photoshop Elements 8.0 for about two years and I’ve been hesitant to upgrade because I feel like I’m still now using PSE 8.0 to its full potential – there are still some things I don’t know, don’t use, don’t understand.  So until I have 100% comprehension I didn’t feel like I had any business upgrading.

And what to upgrade to?  Adobe’s other photography products, Lightroom and CS, both just rolled out new versions, and my Elements is now up to version 10.0!  Turns out you can download free 30 day trials from Adobe that are full versions – that’s like 30 days risk free!!  So I downloaded Lightroom 4 five days ago now.

And I think I’m in love.  With nothing but online help menus to guide me I can already tell you that Lightroom is going to speed up my workflow immensely.  Two things I’ve noticed right off – the histogram is viewable in the Library (in PSE you had to open up the editor to see the histogram) and you can zoom from the Library as well.  So it’s easy to zoom in to see if that shot is as focused as you think it is!  Switch over the the Develop section and you can make a lot of adjustments – white balance, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and many more.  And there’s an adjustment brush for making adjustments to specific areas.

And if you can’t do what you need to do in Lightroom you can always export your Lightroom edited shot into the photo editor of your choice – CS5 is the default but it was pretty easy to add my PSE 8.0 as Lightroom’s default editor.  And then I started looking at prices for Lightroom and CS5 and comparing them to my much cheaper price of upgrading to PSE 10.0 and I made the decision to upgrade to PSE 10.0.  My decision came down to two things: #1 upgrading to PSE 10.0 was much cheaper and #2 I don’t have to relearn a whole new photo editor – there are many things that are the same.  I haven’t had much of a chance to experiment with 10.0 yet – I’m sure that will be subject to future posts!!  All of the shots today are edited in just Lightroom with just the twitch of a few sliders – talk about easy!!!


5 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!!

  1. I could have told you LR would be a big help to you. You should be able to get discounted pricing for Adobe products including Photoshop CS5 and most plugins for LR. I think between LR and Elements, you are covered for a long time. You should check out Matt Kloskowski’s blog:

    You should be able to most of your processing inside LR as you learn it more. Have fun!

  2. Lightroom is the best! You should be eligible for discounts throught the CU Store, so you might want to check their prices. I bought a copy of Lightroom 3 in a lightning sale on Amazon, which I think was an equivalent price.

  3. I’m the same way, I think I’m in love with a program, never used Lightroom until just 2 weeks ago, first time I opened LR4 I spent 20 min and was totally confused. The next time I had my daughters prom pics and I was blown away. Now I can’t get enough.

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