It’s a Learning Process

So do you remember yesterday when I was quite unhappy with my shots from Buttermilk Falls?  If not I very generously provided the link!

Well – I learned something.  Or maybe I should say relearned.  A couple times in the past week I’ve had people say you should use spot metering.  I know about spot metering, I tend to use it pretty much exclusively (or so I thought) so why isn’t this working the way I want?  I’m doing something wrong.  Proceed to the trusty manual that I honestly have read though it’s been at least a year.  The Nikon D3000 is mostly menu driven which means it doesn’t have a lot of buttons or dials – you have to go into the menu, scroll to what you want, select it, then select the specific setting (ISO 100 for example), say OK and then proceed.  Once you get used to it it’s not as time consuming as it sounds.  And there are all these little icons on your menu screen telling you what all of your selections are.

But I digress.  The icon for center-weighted metering looks something like this: [0].  The icon for spot metering looks something like this: [•]  Can you see where I got confused?  All this time I’ve been using center-weighted instead of spot metering!  Oops!!!

So one issue fixed.  And solving this issue also solved my HDR histogram issue since I was now getting the proper exposures I was able to record shots that were truly 0 EV, -1 EV, and +1 EV.

Finally the issue I had no control over – the sun.  Fortunately there was a good amount of cloud cover yesterday afternoon and this inspired me to try again. How’d I do?

Buttermilk Flower

Still not perfect – at least to my perfectionist standards. But a heck of a lot better!!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Learning Process

  1. Well, I think it might have had more to do with the cloud cover giving you better light. I do not use spot metering too often as Nikon’s Matrix is usually darn good MOST of the time. In lighting like you had the day before this photo was taken, it does struggle.

    Having said all that…this photo is a lot better. A keeper in my book.

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