Sometimes You Just Can’t Fix It

So you haven’t heard from me in a few days and for that I apologize.  But it’s not like I was ignoring my responsibilities – I was trying like heck to process some shots into something I like.  You see – I had this vision.  I knew that with the low water we have around these parts this spring this might be the perfect spring to get some shots of spring colors along the creeksides.  So I went to Buttermilk Falls State Park where I knew I there were some forsythia and I hoped the new pedestrian bridge would not block my shot.

As it turns out the bridge was the least of my problems.  Turns out I could easily get in front of the bridge and get the forsythia in the foreground and shoot the waterfall in the back.  Now how do I want to shoot?  Do I want to focus on the foreground flowers or the background waterfall?  And what should my aperture be – everything in focus (f/22), one or the other (f/5.6) or someplace in between (f/8 and f/11)?  The above is the 0 EV pic using f/11.

And what am I going to do about the glaring sun at the top of the gorge?  The answer to that question was simple – HDR.

Or not.  I had a hard time taking 0 EV, -1 EV, and +1 EV shots as the sun kept going in and out of cloud cover.  This is the best I got but if you could see the histograms – it’s not perfect.  I’ve been merging and remerging and layer masking my HDR images for a few days and I’m still quite unhappy.


I am slightly happier with the horizontal image I took – but only slightly.  Here’s the 0 EV shot with some levels adjustments to attempt to even out the lighting a bit.

And here’s the 0EV, -1EV, and +1 EV tone mapped merge.

None of these are at all what I had in my mind’s eye.  My plan is to try to return here (at least it’s close to my house!) either some cloudy afternoon or in the morning before the sun has come around to light up the gorge before we lose the forsythia blooms.  Wish me luck!!


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