Spring Sprung?

You might have heard that we had a blast of spring – or was it summer – around the Northeast last week.  It’s over now but I have the photographic evidence to prove that it did in fact happen!!

This lovely magnolia blossom was all dead and brown yesterday when I walked past the tree.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this shot – something about the shadow bothers me and it could be just a touch sharper but something about the angle of the shot moved me.

Magnolia Bloom

Here’s another pink magnolia bloom.  This was taken on Cornell University’s campus last week.  I’ve always wanted a magnolia tree but I really don’t have a good spot for it in my yard – guess I’ll just have to keep enjoying the ones on campus!!

I’m not sure what these yellow flowers are, also from Cornell’s campus,  and they weren’t labeled but they seemed so wonderfully sunshiney against the blackish green background.  I’m getting a little better at determining an appropriate depth of field with my macro lens – do you think?  This shot could’ve been better but I think maybe the f/5.6 worked out OK.  The two shots above were shot with f/8 – f/11.

Finally I remembered one of my goals.  I can share with you that this known as Valley Valentine, or Pieris Japonica.  I know this because I also took a shot of the accompanying tag – taken in the Cornell Plantations on Comstock Knoll.

Even though we are back to more seasonal temps here in CNY and likely have lost some blooms and some crops to this early summer snap we experienced it was glorious to get out and see these signs of spring in March!!



One thought on “Spring Sprung?

  1. It really feels like spring/summer in these shots! Very pretty. I’ve been trying to figure out where I could take some pretty bloom shots myself without seeming creepy in other people’s yards, LOL.

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