Lowry Park Zoo

Orangutans are my favorite!

Even the orangutans thought it was hot on this Florida afternoon - I wonder what they do in July??

You know how I feel about the zoo – I love the zoo!!  Zoos are my favorite!!  And Lowry Park Zoo is a wonderful zoo, proven by their being named the Best Zoo in the US by Parents Magazine at least a few times!!

This was shot through plexiglass hence the strange blur to it. I wonder what happened to his missing (really big) tooth?

My favorite part to this zoo are the African Sahara which has elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, and zebra to name a few.  And a baby rhinoceros who if I remember correctly is just over a year old and so cute!

Lowry Park Zoo also has a Safari Train which was worth the 20 minute wait.  There are animals that you can see only from the train which also enters some of the animals actual enclosures.  I wasn’t so sure about this at first but turns out it only enters the rather docile animal’s enclosures but it does get right up near the backside of some enclosures – I was less than 10′ from an unhappy elephant at one point!!

Hungary Elephant

I liked the symmetry here – I wish the right hand giraffe wasn’t in so much shadow though.

The zoo is undergoing some construction so some of the exhibits were closed and that was disappointing though it appeared they would be reopening very soon.  But they had baby cheetahs on display so that helped to make up for it!  My first pass it was still early and a little dark under their canopy of trees and they were rambunctious children running all over the place.  I went back a few hours later thinking it’d be brighter and I’d have a better chance of capturing their motion but they were sleeping soundly high up in their enclosure.  Careful what you wish for!!

Cheetah Cub
I enjoyed a wonderful day here as I almost always do at any zoo.  And this makes for the perfect end to Florida Week – I’ll be back to your regular CNY programming tomorrow!!


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