Florida Botanical Gardens

Mosaic and Palm Trees

170' mosiac called Aquatic Reflections

A couple of days before our departure to Tampa I’m looking through a couple of Flickr groups of shots of western Florida and I found out about the Florida Botanical Gardens.  How had I missed this little gem? 

Bath Time!

A mockingbird dries off after enjoying the bird bath

The place is gorgeous!! Perhaps because this was my first tourist stop upon arrival – it felt so good to be outside, in the sun (with SPF 55), and there was so much green.  And color too – flowers are actually in bloom.  Gardens in March are wonderful for the soul!!

Roses and Palm Trees

Roses and Palm Trees!

I grabbed a sub on my way and sat in the butterfly garden enjoying the lovely scents and flitting butterflies, a few mini lizards, and the sunshine.  It was wonderful!!

Pineapple Flower

Pineapple Plant

There are numerous gardens for guests to wander from the butterfly garden to the herb garden, to the rose garden, the tropical garden, and the formal wedding garden there is something beautiful and new to enjoy around every corner.


I forget the name of these but it's something I know I plant every year - IN JUNE!!

It took me over an hour with traffic to get from the hotel to the Gardens otherwise I would’ve gone back at least one more time if only just to kick back and relax and enjoy the scents and sun. Definitely someplace I hope to be able to return to someday.


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