Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island State Parks

Of course I had to go to the beach!!  And what a beautiful beach it was.  I didn’t stop at the beach on Honeymoon Island but instead took the ferry from Honeymoon Island over to Caladesi Island.  Caladesi Island is only accessible by boat or ferry – no roads, no bridges will get you here.  It is beautiful and unspoiled and I this is first on my list if I ever get back to the area.

I am totally disappointed with my shots from my stay on Caladesi Island.  I took several shots lying on my tummy on the beach using the shells as a focal point with the blue-green waves in the background but my aperture was all wrong.  I used f/5.6 when I should’ve been using f/18-f/22.  The waves are just background blurriness.  I’m moderately happy with the above shot because I turned sideways a bit which brought the closer waves more into focus but I’m just kicking myself!!  I had lots of time and even remember thinking that I didn’t spend too long on my shots but I thought I’d gotten what I wanted.

A longer exposure shot of the beach using a 1.2 ND filter – if you notice the two buildings in the upper right that’s Honeymoon Island and the area the ferry departed  from.  I had to walk pretty far down the beach to get to an area this deserted but the beach is four miles long – I think this is about a mile or mile and a half down from the main beach.


Even though I didn’t spend time on the beach at Honeymoon Island I did walk its nature trails.  At the head of the trail I was met by this sign:

Seriously?  OK, Breathe – there’s lots of people around and there’s a lady walking her dogs – they can’t be that common.  Right?

So I never strayed from the very center of the trail.  EVER!!  The trail I was on was called the Osprey Trail – with very good reason.  I thought I’d see one or two nests if I was lucky.  I saw dozens.  And I saw a bald eagle nest although they had a wide area around that roped off to keep people and dogs away so my pictures of it aren’t that great.  If I ever get back here I’d love to rent a really long lens (at least 400mm) to get some very close up shots.  With my 300mm and a little lot or cropping I think this one is my favorite.

The sun in Florida was so bright I had a lot of problems with overexposure of anything white – my circular polarizer helped a lot but I still have several bird shots in particular where the white areas are blown out completely.

We thought about coming back here on our last day but ended up at the Tampa Aquarium instead.  I guess that will be tomorrow’s post  🙂


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