Abstract Photography

Have you missed me?  I am just back from a glorious week in Florida with about 1,000 pictures to prove it!  So it’s going to be Florida week here at My Life in CNY!

To start off I need to post my submission to Scott’s Abstract Photography assignment.  This first shot I took specifically with this assignment in mind – it is of a palmetto palm (I think) which is Florida’s state plant – taken at the Florida Botanical Gardens.

Scott also suggested we use photography to show motion – how did he know that was exactly what I had been up to?  I shot this on the fly from our hotel room with the plan to go back later and shoot a similar shot from the parking garage below us (so as not to have to shoot through the window).  Unfortunately the garage was secured (I wonder what happens if you need to get your car out of there when the valet’s are not on duty???) so I was unable to get any further shots of the Courtney Campbell Causeway during early morning rush hour.

That’s the Tampa skyline you’re seeing at the top of the shot.

I had the most wonderful visit full of amazing visits to Florida’s beautiful parks – I can’t wait to share these with you.  Stay tuned!!


5 thoughts on “Abstract Photography

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  3. Wow! A thousand photographs sure is a lot to sift through. I didn’t take a camera with me when I visited Tampa many years ago. I do recall how beautiful it was though.

    Your image at top conveys a feeling of radiant warmth.

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