Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

All right, so it’s March and I’m just getting around to joining the weekly photo challenge.  I had intended on starting this in January but I can’t remember if I just forgot or didn’t like that week’s suggested theme so I thought I’d put it off a week or what – I have no excuses.  But better late than never, right?


This week’s theme is distorted.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with this one – I thought about trying to shoot through something like a frosted windowpane perhaps but it’s been 50 degrees here this week – no frost to be found anywhere.  Then I came across these trees reflected in the pond at the Arboretum of Cornell Plantations.But I wasn’t real happy with the angle of the shots I took – just doesn’t seem to highlight the distortion.  So I thought I’d keep this as a backup in case I didn’t come across anything else.

Not sure if my other distorted example is much better.  It’s a long exposure of some waves hitting what I assume is a support for the dock when it is put in during the summer.  Since we’ve had very little snow the lake levels are quite low and I was able to walk quite far out on the lake bottom to take some sunset shots.

This is my first weekly photo challenge – hopefully I’ll get better at finding things to meet the criteria.


Have fun!


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