Chittenango Falls State Park

Winter waterfalls can be really beautiful (so says I).  So last Saturday I took mom on an adventure to visit two new-to-me waterfalls.  The first is Chittenango Falls in Chittenango Falls State Park.

One of the reasons I chose Chittenango Falls was because not only is it large (167′) and beautiful but I’d also seen many pictures on Flickr and such from the base in the winter.  Even their website didn’t say anything about trails closing for winter (or whatever you’d call this season we’re having) so I figured we’d be OK.

Unfortunately, I figured wrong.  The gorge trail was closed so I can only show you pictures from the crest of the waterfall – BOO!  These shots will in no way convey the magnificence of this waterfall.  I was quite disappointed that we were unable to walk down to the base but I guess I should take what I can get.  It was a lovely, sunny day in early March and we did get a rainbow out of the mist so I really shouldn’t complain!!


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