Who Needs Some Green?

Admittedly this has been an extremely mild winter – perhaps the mildest ever!  And while I’m certainly not complaining that we are expecting temps in the 50’s today I am still missing some green.  And the area gorge trails are still closed (which is silly if you ask me but no one did!).  So what’s a girl to do?  Revisit some shots from Buttermilk Falls State Park that I took late last August that’s what!!

The leaves were just beginning to fall (which was quite dismaying at the time) but which added a pop of color to the falls. And the water levels were fairly low, allowing us to check out some of the totally cool “sculptures” carved into the limestone on the creek bottom.

Buttermilk Falls

The low water levels encouraged some presumably young people to draw some pictures in the sediment – I bet creating this was a lot harder than it looks!

This is a closeup of the 165′ Buttermilk Falls showing the leaves just clinging to the wet rocks. I wonder where they ended up?

Early leaf fall

With roughly 10 waterfalls along the Gorge Trail there’s always a new and wonderful waterfall around every corner at Buttermilk!!

Double Falls

Have fun!!


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