Water Lillies

Even though this winter could hardly be called winter I know we are all longing for summer, warmth, and color.  So I thought I would do what I could to help out with that – I went back to check out what shots from last year’s Longwood Gardens visit I hadn’t processed yet and I had left off with the water lilies.   How could I skip over the water lilies?Longwood has five 30″ deep pools with over 100 varieties of water lilies, lotuses, water platters, and other water or bog plants.
Water Lily
Set in a protected courtyard outside the west conservatory, the water lily garden is a wonder to visit in summer. Each pool contains an organic black dye that highlights the lilies and inhibits algae growth.
Glowing Water Lily
There are also night blooming lilies – it is my plan to experience the night lighting in the water lily garden and elsewhere on the property during my next visit!!


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