George Eastman House

Purely by coincidence I ended up at the George Eastman House a month after Scott – I had some friends who wanted to see the Dutch bulbs display which ended Saturday. Since I know many of you read both Scott and I, I’m going to try to focus on other areas of Mr. Eastman’s magnificent home.

It had been my intention to get a little head start with shooting macros of the spring bulbs.  But alas, the bulb display was all on the other side of the velvet ropes so this was as close as I could get.

The conservatory was easily my favorite room in his house.  Tons of natural light from the skylights and the nearly floor to ceiling window (and the room was a full two stories high) and the heavenly scent of the hyacinths on display made this a place I would never tire of spending time in.

And the elephant was just cool!!!

Hubby hung out inside the museum while I wandered around the very cold and windy grounds because I really wanted some outdoor shots of the house.  Although many of the gardens were closed for winter, I was still able to get some shots from the front driveway.  That white stuff – it’s called snow!  Rochester was getting some lake effect during our visit – this is practically the most snow I’ve seen all winter!!

A note to photographers: backpacks are not allowed in the Eastman House.  Once I explained to the security guard that my backpack was actually a camera bag he let me through with the warning that all the security guards would probably stop me.  They didn’t – but just a note to others in case some other security might not be as forgiving as the guy I spoke with was.

I can’t wait to return here when the gardens are open – I could spend hours in a 12.5 acre garden!!


2 thoughts on “George Eastman House

  1. Look at all the flowers they have there now. Those were absent back in January. Yep, the elephant is very cool.

    To get inside those ropes you have to do a tour or attend a special event. Might have to do that once spring is here and those gardens are in full bloom.

  2. The bulbs are fabulous! How nice to get to see them in bleak February. One of the local colleges has a bulb show in March that I try to go to fairly regularly – really nice to just bask in their glory. 🙂

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