Rainy Day Zoo

How many times have you sat around on a rainy day saying, “I wish I could go somewhere” or “I’m so tired of being stuck inside” or something of similar ilk.  Well, guess what?  Most of your area zoos have plenty of indoor attractions – in fact, most zoos (especially the ones in colder climates) will tell you that roughly 50% of their exhibits are indoors!!

So on one very rainy weekend last summer, mom and I visited the Philadelphia Zoo.  Since we were there, six hours from home, we decided to go for it and make the best of it.  Fortunately the rain did stop for an hour or two, but by the time we left it was raining so hard there were rivers running where the sidewalks used to be!  Not only is this uncomfortable it’s not very good for photography.  In a few places I could take some pictures from under an overhang:
Rainy Day Hippo
Fortunately hippos don’t mind the rain!!

But then there were many indoor areas – one of them being the bird aviary where you could literally walk among the free-flying birds. I love aviaries – getting right up close with the birds – just be careful where you step!!

I posted this shot on Flickr a few days ago in hopes someone would help me identify this bird but no luck. So all I can tell you is that it is colorful!
Misc Colorful Bird

This one I was able to find – it’s a Victoria-Crowned Pidgeon – I just love the headdress – I probably took 50 pictures trying to get a shot of the intricacy but she was not sitting still for anything!!
Victoria-Crowned Pidgeon

So the next time it’s raining or cold remember your local zoo probably has many indoor exhibits for you to enjoy!!!


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