February Photo Hunt

Karma threw me quite a curve with this month’s photo hunt – some of these I just had no idea how the heck I’m going to create an interesting shot featuring the hunted item.  A few I decided to capture using the macro lens with extension tubes to really get some serious magnification:

A flake from Total Raisin Bran (because there have been very few snow flakes around this year!!):

A hamburger bun:Christmas bows (I did consider getting hubby to pose with his compound bow but this ended up working out fairly well):

In addition to the macro shots I also came across rows and rows and rows of bleachers in Schoellkopf Stadium on Cornell’s campus:

I know Karma specifically said no candy box hearts.  Look at me breaking the rules!!!  Hubby has one job on Valentine’s Day – chocolate-covered strawberries please.  Sometimes the box is pretty and I save it to keep memories in – this year’s box with its Gertrude Hawke insignia will not be saved!!

I bought this set of mugs at a garage sale for $5 and set them on the counter next to the coffee pot and people use them all the time.  Come to find out that they are actually some kind of fancy hand-painted artwork from Arizona – my neighbor knows because she saw them there once and did not buy them then went back on her next visit and purchased a similar set because she liked them so much.  So it turns out I got quite the bargain!!  And I like the way the woods behind my house reflected onto the mugs.

Bonus – leap: Sister was getting ready to jump the creek when I said “Wait, I need to take a picture!”  Being used to me by now she went back and waited until I was ready to make her leap across.  Notice that even her dog is decked out in Syracuse Orange!!

Thanks Karma!!!


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