All winter I’ve been waiting for a good hard freeze so that I could take some ice shots. It’s now mid-February and we have yet to have temps below 32 degrees F for more than a day or two. My snowshoes are gathering dust in the garage, as are the plow and the snow shovels!

Waterfall Icecycles

Last weekend mom and sister came to Ithaca for some hiking and some dining.  First the hiking to work up an appetite.  I took them to the Sweedler Nature Preserve which I first introduced you to in June.  This is a Finger Lakes Trail so it is open all year round – unlike many of the area state parks that close their trails in the winter.  These shots are all of the lower falls. The lower falls are quite accessible and I could have spent an hour moving all around getting all different views of the ice and the falls.  Mom and Sister probably would not have appreciated that!! I was surprised by how much ice was on the falls since it was 40 degrees and sunny on this particular day.  In general the gorges are 5-10 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas and they also don’t get a lot of direct sunlight but I was still surprised and excited by the amount of ice!!

The above is the view mom enjoyed as she didn’t jump the creek with Sister and I to get closer to the falls.

Ice Patterns

I didn’t even notice the leaf hanging on in this shot until I was processing, otherwise I would’ve done some shots showing it’s perilous plight!!  I’m hoping to get back before spring although the forecast for the coming week has all temps above freezing!!

On a more serious note our area experienced a tragedy this past week when a photographer slipped and fell to his death while shooting some other area waterfalls.  I know I’ve said it several times but this is a reminder that the gorges, while beautiful, can also be dangerous.  Please Please PLEASE be careful out there – no shot is worth your life.



One thought on “Icicles???

  1. I love the leaf in that photo!
    I will have to go to that park next time I’m visiting.
    Missing you and the Finger Lakes 🙂

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