Long Point State Park

Long Point State Park is the park of my youth.  Located a few miles south of Aurora, NY on the shores of Cayuga Lake, my mom and I used to visit this park frequently after allergy shots if I was good (gotta love parental bribery!!)

Back then Long Point was a free park with a few grills pits and picnic tables.  We used to walk along the shores searching for lucky stones – rocks which have had holes carved in them by the tides.  I still have 7-8 of the stones I found during these little excursions.

Fast forward a few years.  Now one has to pay to enter Long Point (walk-ins are free) but Long Point now has a very nice boat launch, a small playground and a lifeguarded beach in season.  Easily the smallest state park in the area, it still is a lovely place to stop for a little picnic and scenery.  Which is exactly what I did one day last week – hard to believe these shots were taken in February!!!

Long Point Sunset HDR

I spent some time with my new Photomatrix HDR software on Saturday processing these. Above is a 3 shot merge, the two below are 5 shots merged.

Long Point "Lighthouse"

I was also using a circular polarizer to take some of the glare off the water, making the rocks more visible.

Long Point Sunset HDR

Finally, I was able to merge my HDR image with a couple of the original images and using a clipping mask allow the original to show through a bit. I did this to take some of the golden glow off the stones and to tone down the orange in the sunset a bit.

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions but if I have one goal for 2012 it’s to take more night or blue hour shots. I’m finding this to be an area of photography I’m really enjoying. It’s difficult since blue hour always seems to be very late in the summer, and during dinner time the rest of the year. But I’m going to make an attempt….


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