What Have I Been Up To?

You just never know with me sometimes!!  But the truth is – not much.  I have been religiously (almost) taking my camera with me on my lunch time walks though.  This is my time to try to see things differently and experiment since I see these sights every day.  I also use this time to try and apply anything and everything I’ve read recently.  And I got several books for Christmas so I’ve been doing a lot of photography reading recently!!


I took this one with my still-new-to-me macro lens.  I’ve been playing around with depth of field using the macro lens as it really feels like it is an entirely different ball game from depth of field with my other lenses.  This was shot at f/11 – the “doesn’t matter” aperture since it’s kind of halfway in between.  The larger rock near the top is more in focus than the rest but not by a lot and some of the blurry is due to water movement.  I also had recently read that ditches are often great places to shoot – this is a make shift ditch from a plugged storm drain but it works!!!

This was shot in a drainage ditch in front of our local Burger King!  I tried doing some Photoshop work on this without success.  I had wanted to lower the cattail on the left and make the shot more focused on the right cattail by cropping out some of the distractions (right pine tree, other smaller cattails, etc).  It didn’t work out – I think I’m going to try shooting this with more sky in the background and not try to include some of the other street stuff – maybe get in closer and get down under it more.  Or try to frame it with the pine tree as the backdrop – we’ll see.  I’m also hoping to someday get a day without breeze so I can do some cattail macros. 

This one definitely gets me out of my creative box.  The horse was standing quite close to the chain link fence which is rather rare – usually these are not the most social of horses and they hang at the other end of their pen near the barn.  But because she was so close there was no way I could blur out the fencing.  But prior experience has taught me that if I stand close enough to the fence and zoom in – I can eliminate the fence that way.  Except once I zoomed in there was only a partial horse.  I had recently been reading about details and how we photographers tend to try to show the big picture as opposed to focusing in on the details – there is often a picture within a picture was the lesson to be learned.  Since that stupid chain link fence didn’t leave me many options this is what I did.  I kind of like it!

So I’m hoping to actually get out and do some serious shooting soon.  Since there’s no snow in these parts they drab brown and gray of the landscape is very uninspiring.  But I’m itching to get out so we’ll see what I come up with.


Have fun!


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