I know I’ve been absent for a little bit here – mostly just my annual winter unmotivation – although I’m not sure you could call what we are experiencing this year in CNY winter!!

So I’m going to turn the clock back a bit.  Last October I had the pleasure of attending my first and so far only rugby game.  I don’t know much about rugby.  The only rule seems to be that there are no rules – although I know from talking with the players that this is not exactly true.  There is a code of conduct of sorts where even though you are trying to beat the stuffing out of the opposing team, you should try to do so politely.  Dirty play is HIGHLY frowned upon.This is what they call a scrum I think.  The ref will drop the ball in the middle and the girls will fight over it until someone is able to break free.

This is something they do when inbounding the ball – lift their teammates up in an attempt to control the inbound.  This shot was taken relatively early in the game (or is it a match?) – these girls are very clean compared to how they looked after a couple hours of rolling around in the mud!!

I don’t remember specifically but I have a feeling that the girl with the ball is about to eat turf…..

Another inbound shot now towards the end of the game/match.  Notice the mud – glad I don’t do their laundry!!!

I’m sure there will be more rugby games in my future as I have two young friends that play.  I have to hand it to these ladies – this is not a game for the faint hearted!!  Well done – I’m looking forward to watching you again next fall!!



One thought on “Rugby!!!

  1. Great shots, so nice to remember those warm and colorful days. This time of year IS hard, isn’t it! The one thing keeping me going is that I’m 20 days away from the 365. Maybe starting it at the end of February wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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