Seeing Stars

So maybe I was a little bit of a sucker.  But I bought something the other day – it was only $20 so I figured what the heck?  Even if it’s really just a toy – I can spend $20 on a toy.

I bought Topaz Stars.  If you’re interested the coupon code is “TopazStars” to get $10 off – good through 2/15/12.  Now I know how to make stars, or flare, in camera.  Set your aperture at f/18 or higher and go for it.  But I remembered that I had this one picture from my Chicago trip that for some reason did not create the flare I was looking for.I had really been hoping to get some sparkle from the lights beneath Trump Tower instead all I picked up were some street lights near the Wrigley Building (far right).  But with my new toy I was able to create this:

This stars didn’t translate as well as I had hoped when I lowered the resolution for the blog but you get the idea.  And I toned down the stars significantly from what was suggested by the software.

Now I know some of you purists out there probably frown on software such as this – that’s fine.  Like I said – it’s a toy.  I’d prefer to get my shots the way I want them just using my skills and the camera.  But that doesn’t always work and sometimes I just want to monkey around and see what I can create.  This seems like it’ll be fun software for doing just that.

Have fun!!


One thought on “Seeing Stars

  1. Some photographers do seem to put down such things like this or HDR or Tonemapping or Curves or or or….heck, the forget people did this in darkrooms for decades. We are artists and we can create our art work in any way we want. 🙂

    Now, I like the effect and probably would have liked it turned up a notch or two as well.

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