It Snowed!!!

While I was busy with the Photographic Elements we actually, finally got some snow here in CNY!!!  This was really the first accumulation we’d had this year (this is very, very rare) and I was overjoyed to get out and take some pictures during my lunch hour.  Don’t laugh but one of the things I was most excited about shooting with my new macro lens was snowflakes – I’ve been seriously jipped this year!!


First we have some fun frozen berries:

An empty birdhouse (I’ve been walking this lunch time route for three years, and I’ve never seen any birds in here)!!!

A nice snowflake and pine macro:

And finally a nice snowy pasture (the horses were not about to come out and play):

This snow has all since melted.  I love that it’s not that cold and that I haven’t had to deal with any snowy commutes and I’ve only shoveled the sidewalk twice this year.  But that first day the snow is so pretty – I hope we get a couple more very little snows before spring!


Have fun!


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