Elements of Photographic Composition – Pattern

I think this might be my favorite element!!  I liked texture but pattern appeals to the accountant in me.  Pattern implies stability to me as in there is an order to the world and it is in this pattern.  Pattern is predictable, it is safe, it is reliable.  Since I am a person who thrives on routine it’s easy to see why I’m finding I enjoy pattern so much!!

Even random drops on the hood of a car can provide these feelings!!  I spent a long time working on the crop of this shot trying to determine how to best show predictability from what is really a random pattern.  I ended up with a very close crop by accident but I think cropping out a lot of the peripheral drops works (though I might have gone too far with the cropping just to prove my point).

Raindrops on a well waxed vehicle

At the time I thought it was odd how much I enjoyed taking pictures of this school bus parking lot. Now I understand I was enjoying all the precise patterns surrounding me!!

Buses as far as the eye can see

What buses do on the weekends

Here’s a pattern that I suspect is recognizable to everyone.

Flags lined up at the Healing Field, Auburn NY

Now I’m just being silly – it’s Friday after all.  But notice the pattern on the floor is quite interesting!!

To give credit appropriately, hubby took this shot!

One element left (PHEW!!!) – Color!!!


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