Elements of Photographic Composition – Texture

3 down, 3 to go!!  If you’re just getting started so far we’ve looked at lines, shape, and form.  No we’re moving away from solid shapes to texture.

If you think about it we use texture to describe many things: a rough day, a soft sweater, sharp as a tack, etc.  Words such as these are associated with strong emotions – the trick is to take photographs that use textures that will also convey such strong emotions.

This is a lot of texture that I think might convey pain – definitely a strong emotion!!


Cacti at Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park, Rochester, NY

For me there’s nothing like a smooth waterfall for destressing.

Eagle Cliff Falls, Montour Falls, NY

I’m not sure what really inspired me to take this shot of water ripples during a sunrise except I liked the way the colors were reflecting making the water look satiny.

Skaneateles Lake at sunrise

Next element – Pattern!!!


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