Rule of Thirds Assignment

So this is my submission for Scott’s Rule of Thirds assignment.  I must say that I found this assignment a little more difficult than I thought I would.  Apparently I have not been following the Rule of Thirds as well as I thought I was!

Tiger cubs at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY

Aren’t they so cute????

Those of you who regularly follow my blog know I posted a blog about a week ago questioning the “rule” of thirds a little.  I posted a pic that does not meet the criteria with the horizon pretty much dead center across the shot (but for good reason)!  Scott suggested I crop the shot so that it meets the rule of thirds rules.  Here’s the original:

Sunrise over the marsh

And here’s the cropped version per Scott’s suggestion:

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds Assignment

  1. I like the emphasis on the sky much more than the horizon in the middle. You talked about how composition is used to lead the viewers eye. (or was that Barbara?) Well, the Rule of Thirds photo does that.

    But…what do you think?

    • I will agree that the removal of the grasses eliminates some clutter and that is an improvement. And I think removing the grass also changes the emphasis to the sky from the foreground grass. But I’m not sure if moving the horizon improved the image and I was admittedly somewhat limited there. I had wanted to make the horizon even lower in the shot but I couldn’t and still have all the grasses gone. But I do like the change in emphasis removing the grasses makes.

      It’s always amazing to me how many different ways there are to shoot the same thing!!

  2. Although you wouldn’t guess it from some of the pictures I’ve posted recently, I’m moving towards the conclusion that simpler IS better – and so I think that your crop makes the picture more visually appealing. (And I *love* the tiger cubs.)

  3. Now I’ve seen pictures from both you and Scott this morning that are making me want to visit your zoo! Looks like a nice one! Those tiger cubs are adorable.
    I do like the crop of your 2nd picture better – the greenery in the foreground was distracting and took away from the beautiful color you captured.

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