Mom’s Village

My mom’s Christmas village belongs in a department store – not necessarily in a living room.  She has taken two 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood on sawhorses (I built the sawhorses!!) and this year she set it up end to end so she has a 4′ x 16′ village starting in the living room and extending down the hall.  It’s massive – it usually takes her about a week to put it all up.
There’s a park area, a farm area, and a seaside area along with many miscellaneous houses, churches, and merchants. 

Interestingly enough, I’ve been reading a lot lately about composition and how it is human nature to try to include everything in your pictures.  That’s exactly what I did and I ended up with a lot of background in the shots.  And the shots were incredibly busy and complicated – there was no focal point and the shots just weren’t pleasing to view.

So I switched to the macro lens and instead focused on just one detail at a time.

The difficulty here is I could only shoot the details on the edges since the stuff towards the center I couldn’t get a good angle on and there was also limited light in that area. But it turns out the edges had plenty of details to offer.

As I do every year, I had fun trying to capture mom’s village. I also spent quite a bit of time during the holidays working with my camera’s flash. Not knowing much about flash photography – I’m fairly happy with the results.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last of the holiday season. I started cleaning up the decorations but I think the tree’s going to be around for another few days – I just love it so much I have a hard time taking it down!!


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Village

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  2. Love the horse&cow and the doggie pic… it’s funny, when I saw the first picture, I thought – wish she had focused on one of the details! Glad I stuck with it. I’ve been mentally composing a blog about composition so I’ll point over to this when it’s written. Happy New Year!

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