Happy Holidays!

Due to my delinquency I have not had the opportunity to wish everyone enjoyed their holidays.  I certainly did – and I’m using many of my holiday shots for Karma’s December Photo Hunt.

Frost – I don’t know what my fellow Northeastern bloggers are talking about – we had frost ONE morning – and I dragged myself outside in my PJs to get the shot – now that’s devotion!!!

Lights – I tried this purposely blurry shot of a tree at The Roberson Museum. Not sure I like it – it kind makes my eyes hurt!

Ornament – I could never chose my favorite ornament – so this is my shot of ornamentS!

Card – I hang the cards we receive on the railing above out entryway. It always makes me happy to see the well wishes and the pictures people send of the kids every year.

Treat – I made 15 different batches of cookies this year and I didn’t take a picture of one!! Instead I have pictures of our Tur-Duc-En. For those who don’t watch John Madden this is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. We decided to try this concoction this year – let’s just say hubby liked it more than I did!

Family – Sister got a new pair of shoes!!

Bonus – my most favorite holiday activity – going to visit the star that Mr. Smith puts on his roof every year for as long as I can remember. I’m so happy he goes through what must be a difficult activity each and every year!!

Thanks again Karma for putting together such a fun photo hunt!


7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I’m so glad you were able to participate! Your photo of the frost is wonderful – that’s exactly the kind of shot I was hoping to take. It has finally gotten cold here, but I still haven’t been seeing frost; maybe the air has been too dry? Your “ornament” shot has me wondering about the big red one near the top – is that a crab or some sort of Santa-sea creature perhaps? Cool shoes for your sister, and that star on the house is fabulous. Thanks again for participating!

    • I’ve named that ornament Lola – there’s a lady around here that paints faces on ornaments and adds hats, feathers, etc. I buy a new one every year!! This lovely lady has a red feather boa wrapped around her “neck.”

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  3. Love these! I was hoping for a frost picture like yours, but we didn’t get the pretty designs, just a thin layer of solid frost. Your tree is really pretty, too.
    (So THAT’s what a tur-duc-en looks like!! 🙂 I’ve heard of them, but have never seen what they look like)

  4. For years I’ve listened to John Madden talk about the tur-duc-en but I have never known of anyone who actually made one. Does not appeal to me, but your photos do – especially the photo of frost.

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