Playing Around

Last week I took a PSE class – online, just two hours.  A lot of what we focused on was relating to people and faces, but some of it could be applied anywhere.  I still had the pictures of Longwood Gardens I showed you in my previous post  open in PSE so I thought I would just mess around and see what happened!

My first picture is of the daisy type yellow flower.  I used a Florabella B&W action and a layer mask to only gray out the background.  Not sure I like this picture so much – but I do love the black and white with a shot of color effect.

Also from Florabella (ironically not the company giving the class I took) I got some free snow overlays.  Basically they just add snow to a picture.  Since we here in CNY haven’t seen much snow yet (WOOHOO!!!) I thought I’d give this a try.

Finally I used a technique introduced by Adrian that has been lighting up the blog rolls.  If you haven’t tried the Twirling effect you should – it’s so much fun.  I started out with my peach rosebud shot.

How cool is that???  I’m glad I took the time to play around like this – I learned some stuff, worked on some techniques, and had some fun.  Sometimes I spend so much time processing, processing, processing that I forget to just play around – beautiful things can happen!!

Have fun!!


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