Cold Snap #1

So I understand that we here in CNY really have nothing to complain about weatherwise.  We saw temps in the 60s last week – in mid-December!!  So while I can’t complain – I don’t have to like it!!!  We saw our first single digits last night and I don’t know if it was subconscious or what but I decided it was time to revisit my Longwood Gardens pictures and share another set! 

Canna Lillies - I love this shade of pink!

This fountain did the wave - it squirted water at one end then moved down the line just like people doing the wave in a stadium


Fountain Frog

A close up of the fountain spicket

Longwood Gardens

The lushness of the Conservatory Gardens was truly amazing

Yellow & Green

No idea what kind of flower this is - but I loved how the background was that greenishgrey color


The indoor roses weren't on display in Aug (they were being prepared for the Christmas display) but I did find this one gorgeous bud

 So are we feeling warmer now??  I know I am!!!

Have fun!!


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