Lamberton Conservatory

You know I really, REALLY wanted to get to Longwood Gardens for the Christmas display.  But try as I might I just couldn’t figure out a time that I could make the 5 hour drive along with an overnight.  You know – I’d have a lot more time for travel photography if I didn’t have this stupid job thing to work around!!  🙂

So I compromised with myself – I visited the Christmas display at Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park in Rochester, NY.  For those of you who are paying attention, this is the same park where the annual Lilac Festival I attended in the spring takes place.  The conservatory is certainly no where near the size and scope of the conservatory at Longwood – but for $3 each it was worth the trip.  Hubby and I did a couple of laps around the interior (the exterior is pretty much winterized at this point) – it was a great way to kill an hour!  Now I’m trying to figure out how to get back in the evening for some nighttime shots of the Christmas lights!!

Spanish Moss

I loved the Spanish moss in the Exotics Room

Turtles Under the Heat Lamp

More than flora, there were also several turtles, a couple of tortoise, and two little birds also being housed at the Conservatory

Rochester's Jungle

Another view of the Tropical Forest

Rochester Desert

The Desert Environment - I loved all the cacti - they'll have their own post at some point in the future!

I processed these shots on Monday night to the point where all I had left was to add the copyright and shrink them to web size.  When I opened up my computer Tuesday to finish and upload, some of the shots looked super bright including the one above.  First thing I did was wiggle the laptop screen around – maybe I’m just looking at it from a different angle than I was yesterday.  I added a layer to tone down the brightness and things got back to normal.  I know I should start thinking about obtaining a monitor but I like being able to use the laptop, processing shots while I’m watching the game or waiting for dinner to cook.  What sort of setup do you have for processing your shots?


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