Learning from My Mistakes

One would think eventually I would make all the mistakes and I would’ve learned from them so I would eventually stop making mistakes, right?  Isn’t that some good logic?

Apparently I am not there yet.  Phooey!!  Last week I made a plethora (all right, two) in one afternoon so I thought I’d share them in the hopes that maybe you can learn from my mistakes and save yourselves some trouble!!

Last week I made my annual trip to Dickman Farms to shoot the poinsettias.  I LOVE poinsettias and I love to stop by this greenhouse to capture the rows and rows they have set up for sale each Christmas.  The light inside the greenhouse is usually nice and diffuse although on very overcast days it can be a bit dark for my low-ISO-only camera.  I usually try to go on a weekday afternoon or early on Saturday morning so as my shooting is not in the way of any customers.  The staff here has never had any issue with my taking pictures and usually will ask how my shots are coming out.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m a semi-regular customer and I always buy something when I’m there – it’s a retail store after all – not a museum.

So getting to mistake #1 – low battery.  Which I knew.  And after my dead battery experience in Buttermilk State Park I had a spare.  Mistake was – the spare battery wasn’t charged either!!!  So I only had juice for about 10 shots.

Reflections: this is a gazing ball with lots of mirrored pieces.  I attempted (with three of the ten shots I had available) to capture the different angles and reflections – I was pretty neat to focus in on one reflection leaving the others a bit fuzzy.  I could have experimented with assorted angles with this all day long.  As it was I wish I’d gotten more of the Christmas displays but I do like the angles of the greenhouse roof too.  I might have to buy myself one of these things just to play with it some more!!

And Mistake #2 – I was intending to capture the water droplets on the glass behind the poinsettias.  But apparently I instead focused on the actual flower instead.  Darn it.  And it was about this time the battery went caput.  So I was done.

So I didn’t get any of the spectacular shots I was hoping for.  And I don’t know that I will have time to make another trip to Dickmans this season.  Better luck next year when you can be sure any and all batteries will be fully charged.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Learning from My Mistakes

  1. You made one mistake and did not have time to fix the second one. I know how frustrating that is! Have done both more than once which is why I charged all my batteries last night before I packed my equipment for my trip tomorrow. I am sure you will never have this issue again. 🙂

    • I have read that you’re supposed to let your batteries run all the way down before you charge them – have you ever heard this? So I had run one all the way down, changed it in the field and forgot to charge it when I got home. And I was letting the second run all the way down figuring I could put in the fresh, newly charged battery. Oops.

  2. I’m a terrible person for this, but — I laughed. Shame on me. But I know that uncharged battery feeling so well! And also the no card feeling, the wrong lens feeling, and the list goes on and on. The good news is, the poinsettias should still be around for a few weeks!

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