Week in the Life – Day 7

Woohoo – I made it!!  It got harder and harder as the week went on but I made it.  I have to say this experience has all but talked me out of ever wanting to do a 365 project.  And it’s given me a whole new appreciation for those who do!!

On Day 7 I participated in the Syracuse Photographers Association’s photo walk of the Syracuse University campus.  You may wonder why I would drive an hour plus to do a photo meetup.  First of all, my sister lives in Syracuse so it’s a drive I’m comfortable making.  Second, I have been on the SU campus regularly as hubby is an alumni and we try to get to a game or two every year.  Third, the parts of the SU campus I’d seen I thought were quite photogenic and I’d always wanted to get there with my camera (I don’t take my camera to games – I wasn’t sure it was allowed although I’ve now heard that they don’t care).

So below are my three favorite photos from the day SOOC.  At some point I will process the shots and do another write up explaining the methods and history and such.

Flowers left at the memorial to SU students lost on Pan Am Flight 103

Daisies in a Crouse College office window

Looking across Syracuse University's campus

So that ends my week – Phew!!!  I’m pretty excited to get back to regular (and less frequent) posts.  I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my life!!


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