Week in the Life – Day 5

If you were hoping fpr Black Friday tales I’m sorry to leave you disappointed.  There was no Black Friday for me yesterday. 
Instead, sister and I decided to work off some of our Thanksgiving with a walk.  We drove to Watkins Glen State Park, but sadly, it was closed.  It was 60 degrees out yesterday – I can’t for the life of me understand why they’ve closed the trails already.  So we wandered down the road and did the short walk to Eagle Cliff Falls.
This was a pretty short walk and sister still felt like she had calories to burn, so we headed back towards Ithaca and walked the Taughannock trail.

Walking under Rte. 89 - notice Pedro on the right in the green sweater!

Taughannock Park was packed – it seems a lot of people were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and the other state parks being closed!


Finally done with hiking, Sister helped me get the Christmas decorations down from the attic (Thank you!!!), we ate a bunch of leftovers, and then she headed home. 😦 But now the Christmas decorating can commence except for one small problem…..

…….$50 to the first person who can find the garland

I put up my ourtood decorations a couple of weeks ago when it was warm (wait – it’s still warm!!!) but this was the first night I lit them.

lights on the back deckFront Yard Lights

 Around 8PM the missing garland was located and Christmas tree decorating recommenced.  Once they are finished I will post those pics.  Everyone have a great day!!


One thought on “Week in the Life – Day 5

  1. Good for you with all your hiking! I am really starting to feel like a slug reading about everything that people were up to yesterday. I didn’t even take the dogs for a walk. I’m having trouble being ready to face Christmas shopping and decorating too, so it was not a very productive day for me!

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