A Week in the Life – Day 4

First of all – I hope everyone had a super amazing wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you’ve worked off your food coma!

So I have very disappointing news that I just can’t believe.  I totally can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of our Thanksgiving feast.  We had potatoes and stuffing and turkey and ribs and corn bread (that pic was yesterday) – had quite the Thanksgiving feast all over the table.  I had gotten my camera out and left it sitting to the side where it wouldn’t get accidentally eaten.  And I forgot.  It wasn’t until I had almost gotten everything almost cleaned up that I remembered.  I’m so mad at myself!!  I really wanted to share the feast with you!!

But I did remember to take a few other shots during the day.  While dinner was cooking we went to a quick pre-dinner walk to Robert Treman Park (FYI – the upper gorge trail is still closed due to Hurricane Lee flooding). 

I used this opportunity to explainto my Mom that this would be a great spot to use  the graduated neutral density filter that I have on my Amazon wishlist!!

For some reason I have no idea, my sister was walking like a marionette down all the steps in the park. 

Finally, we have a family portrait – Mom, sister, and Pedro.

Still mad at myself about forgetting the feast picture – I’ll be over it by tomorrow though. Enjoy!!!


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