Week in the Life – Day 2

The first thing I want to share about my Tues will actually lead to a much more exciting thing around June 30, 2012. Hubby and I ordered our Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw tickets today!! So excited!!! Last year’s concert with The Zac Brown Band was so amazing and this year we have even better seats – I can’t wait!! So there will be another Pittsburgh trip coming up for us – yippee!!!

A little while ago I borrowed a friend’s Crock Pot and realized my 20+ year old crock pot that I “borrowed” from my mom really kind of stinks!! It is SO MUCH SLOWER than the newer models.  So I took my 20% off coupon down to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought myself a new toy. Planning on doing the ribs in this tomorrow so make sure to check out Thursday (Day 4) to see how it all turns out.

Finally, these are the things I am reading now. The Mitch Albom book, For One More Day, I carry around with me and read if I can’t walk at lunch and before bed.  The Cooking Light magazine I read in the morning while I eat my breakfast.  And the Bryan Peterson book sits on the ottoman and I pick it up and read a few pages most days just to see what new information I can absorb that day.


Have fun!!


One thought on “Week in the Life – Day 2

  1. I love Cooking Light magazine! THanks for reminding me I need to re-up my subscription, LOL. Those new Crock Pots are very nice looking. Did the package come with the cute little one on the side?

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