A Week in the Life – Day 1

About a month ago Karma shared a week in her life with us.  Let’s just say I was inspired.  I’ve been meaning to get this together sooner but you know how it goes.  So I decided to share this week – not especially because it’s Thanksgiving week (although that’s going to help keep things interesting) but more because this is when I got around to it.   All of my pics for this project are going to be straight out of camera – mostly because I don’t have time to process them every night!  And some cell phone pics – and let me be clear I have a stupid phone, not a smart phone – but for some reason the cell phone camera seems to be less intrusive than the Nikon.

So this is what my Monday looked like:

Getting gas is a depressing event in NY. For those of you who don't feel like doing the math - this is $3.619/gallon

My pod - hard to believe I had actually finished some stuff on Friday and cleaned a little!!!

I resumed my treadmill activities last night for two reasons. #1 I've been meaning to as the days have gotten shorter and my after-work hikes have decreased #2 my pants felt a little snug this morning - not a good sign before the eating fest that is Thanksgiving!!

And I ironed - I didn't say a week in my life was all excitement, did I? The pool table doubles as an excellent laundry table!!

That’s my Monday.  If you’re not asleep already, stay tuned for Tuesday!!


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